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Friday, March 14, 2014

Japanese TV commercials are weird in Japan, too

The weirdest Japanese TV commercials are weird in Japan, too

What’s probably lost on most TV viewers around the world is that Japanese TV commercials aren’t evidence of Japan’s widespread, built-in cultural bizarreness. Nope, they’re much more about about advertisers and ad agencies trying to out-weird each other. That’s right, “weird” probably even outsells “sexy” here.
That being said, and while commercials from any culture not one’s own can seem nonsensical, offensive, and/or disgusting, we do have to admit that, in the “I have no idea what’s going on here!” department, Japan really does go the extra mile…err, kilometer.
Among this array of gems, our favorite is Burger King’s “Eat it Like a Snake.” Now, we do have to point out that Eat it Like a Snake is actually Korean - but hey, these two very distinct cultures evolved with only a little bit of ocean in the middle. It’s safe to say Korea likes a little weird, too.

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