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Monday, March 03, 2014

CITY FORCE - Japan Debrief - England Brief - March 2014

Japan Debrief - England Brief

The Team: Akira, Jon, Wendy, Judith, Simmi & Daisuke is taking the picture.
Ok, I'm back from an amazing time in Japan.  The main ministry of culinary consumption is pictured to your left.  (A Korean feast prepared by a Korean believer who refuses to let "the servants of God" pay).  Ah, the burdens of us missionary types.

I wanted to thank you for your prayers and let you know how the Lord answered them.  This seems to be the season that wonderful foundations are being laid for the long-term, while new and deepening friendships are paving the way for 24-7 Prayer and church planting in the nation. 

Next week I leave for England and want to give you a little overview of my upcoming visit and some ways to pray for me. 

Phase 1 - Iwaki, Feb 19-23

The idea of God as a Father, current and intimate, is a fairly foreign idea for Japanese believers.  Thus the The Father Heart Gathering in Iwaki.  It was attended by nearly 50 people - a great turnout by Japanese standards.  Akira and I did most of the teaching and facilitating of the ministry times.  One of my joys is in praying over some of the older Saints to commission them as "fathers and mothers" to the emerging generation. Wow! There were tears all around and a commitment to first receive a deeper revelation of Father's love in order to draw from a deep well to give to others.  The Spirit of the Lord was present to break strongholds both personal and cultural - thanks for praying...

Yours truly here with a gaggle of masked students.  They are only miles from the Fukushima nuclear plant and sensitivities are high! 
The Lord arranged a divine surprise for us in Iwaki.  Akira has developed a  friendship with a middle school principal, Sawaii Sensei who wanted to have us come in to share at an assembly for his 9th graders (14-15 years old).  The questions were, "What experiences did you encounter in your middle school years that prepared you for your future?" and "what has made you successful today." Oh man - kid in a candy shop questions. 

The principal, was so blown away by the things we shared (Akira, Wendy, Judith and I) that he invited us back.  The next morning in the church services, there he sat as we worshiped and feasted on the Word. He told us that he dreams about the things we shared with the students who rarely get encouragement or enticed to dream. When you see people through a redemptive lense, it gives hope and hope leads.  While it was parents day, and so many of the parents were in the room, they very very silent, though their kids were full of questions.  Discussing forgiveness was not high on their regular repertoire of discussions with their own kids - the kids couldn't get enough. 

While having lunch at the school with Sawaii Sensei, we found ourselves lunching with the Japanese leadership of the Save the Children Foundation.  Akira effectively explained to them that helping children goes beyond social compassion to a change of heart for the whole family - they were so impacted they were eager to hear more and keep in touch with him in the future - Go God!

Thanks for praying for our time in Iwaki.  Pray now that this open door will create a wedge for Akira especially and others of us as we pursue this relationship with Sawaii Sensei and the SCF.

Phase 2 - Tokyo, Feb 24,25

Next, Wendy and I were invited to a gathering of foreign mission executives called the Japan Evangelical Missionary Association - JEMA.  Our good friend Andy Game had opened the door for Wendy to set up a prayer room and for me to address the mission leaders on the topic of Prayer and Evangelism.  I felt the effect of so many prayers for me as this returning MK spoke to the same types of leaders my dad was 50 years ago while I stood outside the conference center selling sodas at their breaks and criticizing them for their lack of unity.  Full circle.  I felt nothing but love and gratitude for them and the increased unity and commitment to lifestyle prayer they are seeking for Japan.  New speaking invitations and some partnerships are taking shape as a result of our time there in Ochanomizu (Tea Water) district of Tokyo.  Thanks so much for praying for me - I sensed the boost of it.
Phase 3 - YWAM Tokyo, Feb 25,26
I had a very divine encounter with my YWAM friends, David and Maria McDaniel and their team in Tokyo.  They have begun a community gathering on Tuesday nights in Tokyo called "The Living Room."  There were 50, mostly young ones, absolutely in love with Jesus and ready to rumble.  They are so hungry for God and to see Him invade the nation - this thing has all the growth DNA to become very dangerous to the guys on the dark side.  Ha!  Thanks for praying - the oil was there!

Thanks for the blessing!
The Lord provided for all my financial needs just before I left.  Thanks to those of you who stood with me.

Off to England - Feb. 12-18 
Next week I'll be with our Boiler Room community, called Emaus Road, in Guildford, England.  I'll be teaching at a Father Heart men's gathering on the 15th.  Sunday I'll take the service and Monday a meeting with the church leaders.  This is my family in so many ways and I need prayer to be able to bless them and encourage them. Pray for discernment to know what Father's menu is for them and that the Lord would set the table for us.

I'm a mess without Him.  I love you all!


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