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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Chicago Time in 2010

Dear Friends of CAJ,
A wonderful weekend has come and gone.  The bond that was established over 40 years ago was renewed amongst a group of friends that started in a small village called Higashi Kurume.  We had a wonderful time visiting, eating, laughing & sharing with everyone there.  Here are some pictures to prove it.   We missed those who couldn’t make it this time and hope that we will see you at our next gathering soon.  I would like to thank you all for being a big part of my life’s journey.  I am truly blessed!
Bobby Howe

Debbie Marsden & Doug Prout going to Chicago on the L
L-R  Steve Siebert, Loren Friesen, Wes Jacobsen, Doug Prout, David Springer, Jim Norton & Paul Rhoads
Friday night group

R3 L-R  David Clark, Jim Norton, Doug Prout, Paul Rhoads, Carol Rigmark, Wes Jacobsen, Loren Friesen
R2 L-R Bobby Howe, David Springer, Steve Siebert, Debbie Marsden, Deanne Shelton, Cori Vander Bilt, Andrea Jensen, Tammy Junker
R1 L-R   Grace Friesen, Ginny Blair, Howard Blair, Jim & Noreen Bushouse, Vernon Wooden, Steve Jensen, Jon Junker

At Chicago Millennium Park
L-R  Steve Siebert, Dr. Essenburg, David Clark, Paul Rhoads (teacher’s pets)

Saturday night Group
R3 L-R  David Springer, Loren Friesen, Jim Norton, Doug Prout, Carol Rigmark, Julia Fleenor
R2 L-R  Paul Rhoads, David Clark, Wes Jacobsen, Steve Siebert, Cori Vander Bilt, Debbie Marsden, Deanne Shelton, Bobby Howe
R1 L-R  Roger Lautz, Grace Friesen, Ginny Blair, Dr. Essenburg, Mr. Blair, Vernon Wooden
Class of 74  Front Steve & Andrea Jensen, Back Jon & Tammy Junker
L-R Class of 72 Roger Lautz, Ginny Blair, Grace Friesen
L-R Vernon & Liz Wooden (71), Wes Jacobsen (70)
L-R Wes Jacobsen, Deanne Shelton, Carol Rigmark
L-R David, Jill, Adam & Nathan Springer, Cori Vander Bilt
Saturday on our way to Chicago on the L
Cori Vander Bilt & Paul Rhoads
Chicago Pizza for lunch
Heavy discussion with Steve Siebert
What shall we do about these kids?  Mr. Blair & Dr. Essenburg
L-R Debbie Marsden, Grace Friesen, Cori Vander Bilt, Deanne Shelton & Bobby Howe

L-R Bobby Howe, Wes Jacobsen, Julia Fleenor, Steve Siebert, Jim Norton, Paul Rhoads


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