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Thursday, May 06, 2010

Come to Altar or Words of Encouragement 3

Dear Friends of CAJ,

I want to send my sincere regret that I will not be able to join you in Chicago for the All CAJ Reunion Party.  I applied for a special excursion pass to the Warden but was denied.  He is not known to be a friendly chap. Now that I am not going to be there, you all need to step up and make this a truly successful event.  I understand a few have already committed to come (see list below).  Many are still waiting.  If you are not coming because of the low attendance, then YOU can change that.

Make that commitment now while you still can.  Don’t end up like me when you run out of options someday.

Yours truly, Bernie Madoff
# 61727-054
Federal Correctional Institution, Butner, NC
(I am only 50 miles from Chapel Hill, Ansel Mullins, please come visit me)

Confirmed attendance list:

Howard Blair (Faculty)
Ginny Blair (’72)
Grace Friesen (’72)
Vernon Wooden (’71) & family
Wes Jacobsen (’70)
David Clark (’70)
Deanne Shelton (’70)
Julia Fleenor (’70)
Debby Marsden (’70)
Doug Prout (’70)
Carol Rigmark (’70)
Bobby Howe (’70)

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