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Friday, May 07, 2010

"the Auschwitz of missionary kid boarding schools."

 "As the flames licked closer to my skin, from deep within me arose a gust of strength I cannot fully explain to this day. I had a desperate thought: I could win this time. This time, the houseparent had unwittingly put himself in a place where I could actually win, if I could endure enough pain. I knew in my heart that he was wrong. He was lying, and I felt the evil and injustice to the core of my soul. I was not Satan's tool. I was a little boy with a broken heart who had found his voice and cried out for rescue. So, enough—enough shame, enough abuse, enough lies. It had to stop somewhere, sometime. I made my decision: It stops now! I'm not letting go!
Nothing was going to make me cry out or drop that candle. This is where I would take my stand—this was my little Masada."

A Candle in the Darkness
The president of Compassion International tells his story of childhood abuse and deliverance in a West Africa boarding school.

A Badly Broken Boarding School
The story behind the cover story.

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