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Friday, September 11, 2009

From the People at Work Vault: Tuna Testers

A few years ago, we spent a day with Erika Jones and Vahan Serpekian at Chicken of the Sea's headquarters in Mira Mesa for our People at Work series.
Videographer Layla Wu with our friends at the Media Arts Center just visited with the tuna testers and put together a couple of videos. This first one is Vahan Serpekian, a decades-long veteran of the tuna industry. Watch a bit more about his fascinating history:
And here's Erika Jones, who'd been with the company for less than a year when I met her. She's been checking the quality of the company's products ever since:
The Media Arts Center is producing video shorts to go alongside some of our stories, and it's hoping to catch up with more People at Work subjects soon.


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