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Sunday, September 13, 2009

'Charisma Man' makes comeback in Japan

Two writers are reviving a comic that pokes fun at Western men who move to Asia and use their novelty status to pursue easy thrills.
Last update: September 12, 2009 - 10:34 PM
From his window seat in the Roppongi bar district, Neil Garscadden eyes an exotic street parade: the reggae-styled hipsters, the Nigerian nightclub hawkers, the soft-stepping geishas, the secretaries in miniskirts and impossibly heavy eye shadow.
The nuances of the scene, Garscadden insists, would be lost on a mere tourist.
This, he says, is a job for Charisma Man.
With his blue eyes, tousled blond hair and foreign passport, Charisma Man is a sake-sipping man about town, suavely negotiating the intricacies of Japanese culture. Women adore him. Men respect, even fear, him. Life in the East bends to his every whim.
"It's great to be a Western guy in Asia," he says. "I've got lots of money, chicks dig me -- everybody respects me."
Well, not everybody.

Read the whole story here.....

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