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Friday, May 20, 2016

A Song for Nagasaki

A brilliant flash.
A wall of fire and smoke.
And death. 70,000 dead.
And yet, Dr. Takashi Nagai, who survived the bombing of Nagasaki,
found hope in the ruins.
In this inspirational DVD, you'll learn:
  • why the Japanese Emperor visited Dr. Nagai in his cottage.
  • how Dr. Nagai abandoned atheism for Catholicism
  • why Dr. Nagai is considered a national hero in Japan
  • how in the rubble of Nagasaki Dr. Nagai found All That Remains
  • the cause for Nagai's sainthood is open and he is currently a "Servant of God"
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If you haven't read A Song for Nagasaki,
you'll want to order this book as well.
In A Song for Nagasaki Father Paul Glynn writes a riveting biography of the holy man of Nagasaki. He also provides historical background on Nagai's family, the history of Japan and glimpses into Japanese culture that will help you to better understand Catholicism in Japan.
As an added bonus, the book contains artwork by Dr. Nagai and pictures from his life.
Get A Song for Nagasaki now
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All That Remains and A Song for Nagasaki will provide you with inspiration and food for thought about the morality of war, the good that God takes from horrible situations and how a Catholic doctor became a national hero and his book a national bestseller in a country with less than 2% Christian population.
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