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Tuesday, December 01, 2015

AI Samurai

AI-Samurai was originally designed for the events and conferences to be held in different countries around the world, to provide visitors the information of the venue, navigation of games, and other recommendations. AI-Samurai is equipped with the AI system called "A.I. Galleria" that enables it to recognize a person from the portrait image and interact appropriately in real time. Starting from the international event "SXSW Interactive 2016" to be held in March 2016, AI-Samurai will start his pilgrimage to the world in search of realistic dialogues with humans.

­ゲーション、レコメンドなどを行う目的で製作が開始されました。AI-Samurai­には、A.I.GalleriaというAIシステムが搭載されており、リアルタイムに­画像から個人を認識し、音声での対話が可能です。2016年3月に行われるSXSW Interactive 2016を皮切りにAI-Samuraiはリアルな対話チャネルを求めて世界を行脚予­定です。

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