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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

For a modern nation, they still don’t get it.

August 9, 2015

Thanks to all for my birthday greetings, I was here in Guam with power and water, very thankful but thinking about my people in Saipan.

A week after the disaster the people are getting very tired.  While trying to get some work done, all are thinking about securing water, where to shower, what to eat, toilet and long hot dark nights.  Bam declared a state of emergency but as usual FEMA is slow to respond.  The US Military was quick and doing a great job.  People of Guam are coming together and showing a lot of support.  Report this morning was the Seabees got one power plant working and power going to the hospital.  Generator at some water wells and water flowing slowly to the southern villages.  Central area where we are still has no water.  I’ve got a 50K tank full of water so the showers we set up are very busy with my workers, rain water is refilling the tank.  Our relief supplies arrived and will be distributed today.  I’ll be going there tomorrow with more supplies.

All generators got sold out real quick on Guam, tried to get Japan to send several portable gensets but what a complicated ordeal, first they said airlines would not transport them, then they’re worried about EPA compliance, then not immediately available, now it’s O-Bon all week and no one around.  For a modern nation, they still don’t get it. (日本が近代国家であるが、彼らはまだそれを得ることはありません)。To say the least, I’m very disappointed, we’ll try again today.  A small 6000w genset at my staff house would at least give us lights, some fans, ref. and water pump for the shower & toilet. 

So aside from all that, I had a quiet peaceful birthday.

tom (class of '76)

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