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Friday, December 05, 2014

Metropolis Nov 28-Dec 11, out now!

Dec 5-11, 2014
Metropolis Nov 28-Dec 11, out now!

Ball-jointed Dollhouse
The world of Asian ball-jointed dolls—or ABJDs—is one of pop culture entwined with fantasy. They’re no ordinary dolls—these works of art are taking over.

The Grinberg Method
This holistic approach to reflexology relieves the body of pains—but not in the conventional way. Believing physical pains to be a manifestation of psychological and emotional issues, the Grinberg Method heals from within.

The Watanabes
Tokyo-based alt-rockers The Watanabes, comprising of brothers Duncan and Selwyn Walsh, reach new heights in their musical journey with the release of their latest EP, Draw What You Like.

Fashion One & Metropolis
Fashion One broadcasts original programming to over 300 million people in 44 countries. We’re now looking for a Tokyo correspondent to join our worldwide operations. No fashion experience needed—just the right personality! Send us your CV, cover letter, photo and/or video application, plus a link to any on-camera work.
Web Developer Needed
As our web presence gets bigger and better, we need a web developer to join our team. Interested? Excited? Mail now!

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