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Thursday, June 09, 2011

Rebuilding homes and hearts will take long-term efforts post-tsunami

Japan (MNN) -- The rebuild process of homes and hearts is ongoing in Japan. Mark Lewis with the compassion ministry of EFCA, TouchGlobal, says debris removal is happening, but "it's more than 250 miles of coastline with community after community that have had waves as high as 60 or 80 feet. Just immense devastation. So even though there's been progress made in some places, it looks like nothing's really happened." Rebuild is vital, but slow-going. And interestingly, Japanese hearts seem to be following that pattern. Lewis says hearts are crying out for change, but it'll take long-term relational care for tsunami victims to fully trust Christ fully. So now, the biggest need is for believers to nurture relationships. They need "both national workers from Japan and short- and long-term missionaries literally from around the world, to come and be part of what I perceive--and I think what the national pastors here perceive--as a time of unprecedented openness for the Gospel."

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