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Monday, January 11, 2010

Ridley Prayer Points January 2010

Happy New Year to you all.

We have begun 2010 with very cold weather and snow, snow, snow!  We have just returned from a work into our village to do some shopping and it was quite lovely walking in the snow.  We have not been shut in here like other parts of Europe (but this could change during this week!).  We are warm and comfortable and each day we thank God for his provision of our home here in Schopfheim.

We had a visit to an ALS Specialist in Ulm, Germany on 21 December (bad timing).  We were terribly upset after the visit as Roger shows continuing signs of ALS spreading to other parts of his body (leg and tongue).  He continues to have use of his left hand but it is not good in the cold and he does get frustrated by buttons and small tasks like that.  He's still on the roster for home duties though!!

We have much to look forward to in 2010 and continue to value your friendship and prayers for us and our ministry in this little corner of God's wonderful world.  Please stay in touch with us rgridley@internode.on.net and let us know how you are going.  We try as much as we can to keep up with emails, but sometimes it takes us a while to respond!

May you know God's peace, care and guidance throughout 2010.

With our love, Roger and Gaynor

Prayer Update                                                                                            January 2010

Praise Points

  • A good party with 16 friends following the Anglican Carol service on 13 December.
  • For a wonderful celebration of Christmas Day with 5 friends (3 not yet followers of Jesus) at our home.
  • Roger preached his heart out on 27 December (at Crossroads Basel) and there has been humbling excellent responsiveness.
  • We enjoyed a precious 5 days over New Year with American colleagues Keith & Deborah who are engaged in similar ministry to us near Paris.
  • We have very good health even though there have been several people around us who have been struck down with flu.
  • Hooks and Needles had its best turnout for months with the first 2010 meeting.

Prayer Points

  • We are very concerned that Crossroads Basel has quite fluctuating services so it is problematic to pick times suitable to invite not yet followers of Jesus.  Crossroads International Church of Basel is currently looking for a new minister.
  • Good judgment is needed as to how much we commit ourselves to activities when the weather is so cold.
  • We have decided this will be our last year here, so we need not only continuing financial support in 2010 but also to prepare for our next place to live and serve God in Australia.
  • That Roger will have more opportunity to preach!!
  • We need wisdom in our planning for the next two or three months at Centrepoint.
  • We desire that we will always radiate the light and life of Jesus in every encounter, conversation and meal with people and to make the most of our time left.
  • For Tim and Amy, Jocelyn (who starts a new job on 12 January), Glenda and Tom.

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