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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Dave Clark on "becoming a community of shalom"

BARRC Sociological Theory

David K. Clark, (Former) Professor of Theology Bethel Seminary & currently Executive Vice President and Provost of Bethel University

The Purpose of Theoretical Foundations

We seek shalom. This includes acting against racism. Action presupposes and lives out a theoretical foundation. Any attempt to prevail over racial conflict demands solid theoretical analysis. While building theories is necessary, it's never sufficient as a response to racism.
Racism evokes sadness, anger, and disgust. Sometimes we merely think about racism; sometimes we only develop right opinions about racism. That makes us feel as though we're doing something about racism. Thinking for understanding is good, but thinking about racism instead of acting on it is not. Racism should ignite emotions and stir up action. If any person is subjected to a racial slur or insult, a racial injustice or systemic oppression, our common humanity should cause us to feel as though someone just made a lewd remark about a beloved family member. And we should respond with action. Read the whole article here.....

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  1. Anonymous5:20 PM

    Dave, Thank you for this well presented paper. I get the point and as a white guy I know I am privileged. Ken Nielsen