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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tokyo population nears 13 million

The population of Tokyo stood at 12,942,366 people as of April 1, an increase of 33,510 over the previous month, according to a metropolitan government estimate.

According to the estimate, women significantly outnumber men, with 6,502,937 women in the area versus 6,439,429 men.

The estimate is based on increases and decreases in the Tokyo residency register as compared with national census figures from Oct. 1, 2005. The estimate pegs the population of Tokyo's 23 wards at 8,772,826, that of the cities at 4,083,610 and that of rural districts and counties at 58,540. The islands under Tokyo jurisdiction had an estimated population of 27,390.

The area with the greatest population increase as compared with both the previous month and the previous year was Koto Ward, a trend the metropolitan government said was related to a rapid increase in housing construction in the ward.

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